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We, Vinwares, are one of the pioneers in the LED lighting solutions in South India. We understand the importance of ‘effective lighting’ in the age of ‘Smart Lighting.’ We have ample experience in dealing with demanding customers who always seek world-class products at affordable cost. Be it indoor or outdoor, Vinwares is always at its best in giving ‘cost-effective lighting solutions to its needy customers. Offering best-in-class products and incomparable service during and after-sales, we emerged as a bankable vendor to our esteemed clients.”

A decade-long existence in this industry had given us hands-on experience in various types of indoor as well as out-doors lighting requirements. Our skilled expert team is attuned to provide utmost practical solutions to the people who want our services. Frequently interacting with our clients, we’ve gained immense knowledge in our chosen field. Using that wisdom, we provide sensible solutions to make our customers’ lives better and brighter. What we are selling is not the products, but smart living solutions and what we give is not a simple service but a whole new experience. We sincerely believe that is the sole reason, we always get repeat orders from our existing consumers. Going beyond the expectation, we delight our buyers by giving something more. This kind of customer-friendly attitude sets us apart from the crowd.

We are aware that excellence is the result of the sustained effort. And success is the by-product of excellence. Keeping the customers at the forefront and adding value to their lives with our smart products and soulful service, our journey continues with vigour and dynamism in search of excellence.