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Rodent Repeller & Water Leak Detection System


Rodent Repeller & Water Leak Detection System

Rodent Repeller is an electronic device that uses the principle of intense high frequency sound waves (well above the 20khz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear) to drive away RODENTS. Rodents usually leave the area being protected by ultrasound & they do not get killed.

The Whole system will accordingly cover an open area of approximately 3600 sq.ft and if installed in the false ceilings and the false floorings, the area covered will be considerably less.

Water Leak Detection System

Water Leak Detector System offers an effective environment monitoring solution for problems associated with water leak in server, data and computer rooms. The ultra compact device with its intelligent sensor cables monitor, detect and communicate the presence of liquid via audio - visual alarms to the server administrators.

Its user friendly software offers the technicians unsurpassed flexibility in navigation and damage control.