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Vinwares & LEED Certification – Let us recreate a Clean and Green World of Tomorrow.

Vinwares mastered the art of giving eco-friendly lighting solutions. As you know, getting LEED Certification is the first and foremost requirement of making ‘Green Buildings.’ Sensing this emerging trend across the globe, we took a proactive step of supplying some of the finest energy-efficient LED Lighting for our customers to easily grab LEED Certification.

As you know, for every 1 million Kwh in energy we save in the world, 777 metric tons of carbon dioxide will be eliminated from the Earth’s atmosphere. That is the need of the hour. Our LED Lights can make significant progress toward this goal. LED lamps are more efficient than traditional energy-consuming lighting methodologies. They dissipate less heat into space. The cooler temperature makes less strain on the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) system and consequently cuts energy costs.

LED lighting represents a ground-breaking source of technology that is eco-friendly and extremely high performance. Any business that integrates LED lighting into its scope of operations can potentially earn credit toward Certification on the basis of progressive thinking.

“Considering the fact-based business-friendly aspects, Vinwares is very much delighted to give you energy-saving lighting options and help you to get LEED Certification.”