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Our Profile

Fifteen years of lighting, from the ballast manufacturing to renowned, we create innovative and ambitious LED enclosures and components, indulging in finished product manufacturing too!. We have a well-established manufacturing base in Vasai in Mumbai with more than 22 units operating within a radius of 1.5 kilometres producing various accessories required for LED lighting. All our products are at par with international standards. Whether you have decided to upgrade your conventional lighting or build a new one, our products will be useful to you as they install very easily. We ensure that we deliver the what we promise and help you reach your commercial goals as well as our social responsibilities.


All our LED lights will achieve 0.900 Measurement scale and are at par with the European standard. We are one of the very few companies who give the maximum no. of years of guarantee for our LED light fittings.

Power Factor

All our LED lights will achieve 0.900 Measurement scale & on par with European Standards. We are one of the very few of the companies who gives maximum no of years of guarantee for our LED light fittings.


Vinwares is known for its finest retro fittings. Our innovative ‘assembly technology’ gives a leading edge to our products. We design the products to eliminate the need for attaching huge heat sinks. This makes a smooth transition from the old to the new light fittings and also saves a whopping 70 per cent of energy costs. These kind of retrofitting lights are most sought-after options for all types of commercial establishments or factory environments, due to its economical energy consumption. We also provide an extensive array of Street Light fixtures & LED Panel Light Fittings. All these products are exclusively designed and developed with the latest cutting-edge technology, using high-grade components.

Safety Systems

Our lighting and non-lighting products meet the highest safety standards. All our executed projects were approved and certified by the recognized architects, Electrical & Fire Safety Consultants, and Project (Facility) Management. Companies like...

Our Factory

We have more than 15 units in Vasai, Mumbai to manufacture these world-class lights. Adopting the latest technology trends, our technicians are attuned to deliver thoroughly tested, reliable and user-friendly products to the world.


We are very proud of serving several eminent companies. Look at the impressive array of our client list which includes some of the biggest names like Philips, CREE, OSRAM, CITIZEN, SEN NIKKO, Mean-Well etc.


To create value for all the stakeholders by providing innovative products and solutions to customers and increase our market share.


Be the leader in the electronic component manufacturing, and service businesses by delivering energy-efficient solutions to them.


Our objective is to exceed customer satisfaction at all levels by delivering precisely what they need in terms of quality and quantity.


Building an everlasting relationship with our customers is our sole aim. We closely work with them to give complete satisfaction through our various products and services. We absolutely endorse the business idiom, ‘”The retention rate of our business is directly proportionate to our relationship.”


Integrity is the most important aspect in the way we do business. We always strive to do only which is ethical and right for our clients and the environment.


We encourage thinking out of the box for our team to design innovative solutions.


We are an equal opportunity employer for the staff, a reliable service provider for our customers and an efficiently managed outfit for our vendors and dealers. And we always treat everyone associated with our company in a fair and impartial manner.


Our goal is to become a prominent player in our chosen domain with innovation, dedicated customer-oriented service and delivering highly ratified products.